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What is Zion?
Throughout the Scriptures
the word Zion is used to mean different things at different times in different contexts (much like the word Love). Secular definitions can also be found. Zion (also called Sion in the Bible) is used as a term to describe:


Description Reference*
God's People Genesis 7:23; II Nephi 5:99
City of Holiness Genesis 7:25
Abode of God Genesis 7:28,72
City of God D.C.** 94:5b
Jerusalem Isaiah 2:3
A place prepared by God (tabernacle, New Jerusalem) Genesis 7:70
Kingdom of God D.C. 102:9b
Spiritual Condition:
Pure in Heart; Oneness; Peace; No Contention; Love of God in men's hearts; One heart and mind
D.C. 94:5c, 140:5c; IV Nephi 1:3-7,14-21; Mosiah 7:78; Genesis 7:23
The Jewish People Webster's (Random House) Dictionary � 1993
Palestine as the Jewish homeland and symbol of Judaism Webster's (Random House) Dictionary � 1993
Heaven, as the final resting place of true believers Webster's (Random House) Dictionary � 1993
*Biblical references are from the Inspired Version
**D.C. = Doctrine & Covenants


Zion is all of these things, and more. However, when we, as a Church, discuss our calling to "establish the cause of Zion", we are referring to the Kingdom of God on earth, a place and a condition where all people are righteous, peaceful, of one heart and mind, and love and serve the Lord and seek only to do His will. Frederick M. Smith, a former president of the RLDS Church (as the Community of Christ was then known), said in an article in the Saints' Herald that the establishment of Zion is the "chief work of the Church" � Saints' Herald, April 14, 1936, Volume 83, p. 461.

What is the role of the Church regarding Zion?
It is our belief that we, as Christ's Church, are instructed of the Lord to build Zion (His Kingdom) and establish His perfect peace and justice in a particular location. Through revelation, it is our belief that Zion is to be established in Independence, Missouri in this dispensation of time. We believe that when Christ returns in Glory, He will establish His Kingdom fully upon the entire face of the earth.

If you are a Christian but disagree with the Community of Christ faith, please earnestly ask yourself these questions:


Would Jesus Christ want me to actively participate in the establishment of His Kingdom on earth?
Did Jesus pray unto the Father: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"?
Since Jesus prayed for the Kingdom first, before all other things in the Lord's Prayer, should I do likewise?
As a Christian, did Jesus instruct me to "seek first the Kingdom"?
Matthew 6:23; Luke 12:31
Is it consistent with my Christian Faith to seek God's Kingdom, to do the will of God in all things, to humbly submit entirely to God, to seek to be perfect and righteous as my Lord and Master Jesus Christ taught us?
Is it easier to strengthen my faith when I am in the company of other Christians who are also seeking to do likewise? If so, should I meet together often with my fellow Christians?
Is my church actively seeking to establish the Kingdom of God on earth? If so, am I helping? If not, can I inspire my church to begin to do so, even as the Lord commanded, and should I seek out another church if my own does not respond?
If the entire Christian Community were to humbly and sincerely fast and pray, and earnestly seek to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, could even the gates of hell and the enemies of God prevail against us?
Can we as Christians agree to work together as the single Body of Christ, ignoring our differences among denominations, and seek first to build the Kingdom of God?
Is the Community of Christ following a true Christian doctrine by seeking to establish the Kingdom of God on earth (Zion), even as Jesus prayed unto the Father?
If so, can I help the Community of Christ in the Kingdom building task by:
  Studying the Scriptures to learn the Mind and Will of God, that I may keep His commandments;
  Praying earnestly and steadfastly for the Kingdom and the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ;
  Fasting often, and humbly supplicating myself to the Lord;
  Meeting with the Saints (Christians) often, so we may pray for each other, bear each other's burdens, strengthen our faith, and learn of God and Christ;
  Repenting of my sins, and forsaking all things of this world in favor of the things of the Kingdom;
  Helping to establish a just and righteous Peace;
  Proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel with glad tidings;
  Being charitable and loving towards all whom I meet, assisting the poor and elderly, and teaching children to love and obey God as Jesus taught us to do;
  Making an offering unto the Lord of my time, my talents, and my resources;
  Turning the other cheek, turning away wrath with a soft word, being slow to anger, and allowing the Lord to fight my battles;
  Seeking the Lord in prayer upon waking in the morning, dedicating my day to Him, asking His guidance in all decisions and all things, and thanking Him at night as I prepare for bed;
  Worshiping the Lord together as a family, in church and in my home;
  Loving the Lord, my God, with all my heart, might, mind, and strength;
  Loving my neighbor as myself;
  Truly doing unto others as I would have them do unto me;
  Enduring to the end, never giving up, and never being discouraged?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions, then it is clear that we share the same goal and we can work together! If we, as the Christian Community and Body of Christ, will do all these things together each and every day, can the Kingdom of God be far from us?


Please help us in this, the most important work of all human history, that all things might be fulfilled, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will come again as promised and greet us with a Holy kiss! And our hearts will burst with love and gladness from an outpouring of the Holy Spirit such as we have never known, and we shall cry with great joy and fall at our Master's feet, and worship the Lord our God in love and praise throughout eternity!

With the love and fellowship of Christ in our hearts, we invite you to join with us in the Kingdom building task. We invite you to worship the Lord with us, and share your burdens and your testimonies of God's love with us. We invite you to fast and pray with us:

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven! This we ask and pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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