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About This Web Site
Our Web site has been organized for easy navigation. The main menu options appear at all times as a list of buttons in the window at left. Choosing one of these options will display the requested topic in this window. Some topics have sub-menus of their own which appear at the top and bottom of the material presented in this window. Some pages are associated with more than one category and can be accessed from any of several links.

Listed below is a Table of Contents for this Web site, with an overview of each of the main sections and the topics they contain:




Welcome, Pastor's Page, About Us, About this Web Site, Updates


Worship Services, Special Services, Community Service


Adult and Youth Classes


Maps and Directions


Beliefs, Sacraments, Scriptures, Zion, Stewardship, Priesthood

  Scriptures Link to an online Inspired Version, Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants


Priesthood Schedule, Local Events, and World Church Events


Congregational Leadership and Local Priesthood

Contact Us

Addresses, Phones, E-Mail, Christian Links, D/FW Links

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Welcome | Pastor's Page | About Us | About This Web Site | Updates