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Free Offer!

We want to tell you about the best free deal you will ever find. If you could pay off all your debts today and live free from the burden of debt, would you do it? If you owed more than $100,000 or even a million dollars in taxes to the government, do you think the government would grant your request to forgive that debt?

Of course not! But you can have your debts to God forgiven in one easy step: Repent! That is all it takes! And it doesn't matter how scarlet (or how many) your sins are! It doesn't matter how much you "owe"! Just repent! The slate will be wiped entirely clean when you repent! Live debt-free on God's easy plan!

We are all sinful in nature, but Jesus died for all our sins, and there are no sins that God can't forgive when we repent! To repent, just follow these simple steps:

1. Acknowledge to yourself that you are sinful, and you have sinned;

2. Humble yourself before God with a broken spirit and contrite heart;

3. Ask for forgiveness, and "go and sin no more"

Now it is probably inevitable that even after you repent, and are forgiven, you will at some point sin again. Here is the great part: this is not a limited offer! You can repent again and ask for forgiveness, and receive it! However, if you truly repent, you should be less likely to be in a situation where you will deliberately sin again.

To repent is to have great regret for what you have done that is sinful. To repent is to have sorrow for offending God. This regret and this sorrow should cause within you a change of action, and a response that indicates it is your intent in the future to do your best to please God and do better.

If you repent just because you want to avoid punishment, then this is not true repentance - this is attrition. To repent is to be contrite.

Be aware that anything that separates you from God, your Creator, is a sin. This includes sins of omission, or not doing things that will bring you closer to God. Whether we commit sins, or are guilty of sins of omission, we should repent and ask forgiveness.

Repentance is the first step on your journey to walk with God. It is also a step that can be taken over and over again when we fall. Don't be afraid to repent! God will bless you for it!

Now where else can you find a deal like that!

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